Art by Tomohide IkeyaThe moon’s gravity caused the flux and reflux of the tides,And stimulated the development of life on earthIf the sun represents the birth of life,The moon would represent the rhythm of lifeEvolution would differ without the moonThe moonlit dark night includes a mixture of life and deathThe body holding potential of receiving a new life,Is enfolded by the hair, having no end of lifeThe hair, feeling no pain, passes on the DNAThe night has its own roleThe night— when the moon’s reflection lambently floats on the sea surfaceIt is the time needed by the living mattersShould human’s self-serving reasons disturb this timeIn the moonlit sea, the desires for life emergeAnd deaths nearby with bated breath

By Kellas Campbell

Katrin Thormann by Koto Bolofo

My Wife Yoko, 1968-1976 
Nobuyoshi Araki

Norman Lindsay